El’ Jistos & Illumes Release Album and New Video

El’ Jistos & Illumes dropped their album today. This marks the very first release to come out of Catalyst Punk. That for us is the success in itself. The album has been release with the support of a final single and video entitled ‘Don’t Come Down’ and features El’ Jistos’ brother Daniel Larsen.

The video’s intent is to encourage others to have a laugh at themselves or with good-natured El’ Jistos and also serves as a reminder to press against the noise we sometimes face in life. The first two singles ‘In A Can’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ are both hard-hitting and combative in style, pushing agendas and outlining El’ Jistos’ unique style as an MC.

Third single ‘Don’t Come Down’ is the reward and celebratory beer at the end of a long journey – for El’ Jistos it marks the completion and release of three singles, three videos and an album while working full-time and being a partner and father.

Showing his diversity in music El’ Jistos explains,

 “Although Hip Hop is my home where I feel most comfortable, I have the ability to explore the        Neighbourhood a bit, and am not afraid to do so”

With the release of his debut single ‘In A Can’, second single ‘Tell Me Why’ and vinyl release of ‘Try Explain That To A Four Year Old’, El’ Jistos has cemented his place as an exciting new player with his feet planted firmly on the ground. Addressing interesting and provocative subject matter, he’s an artist with something different to say.
There will be three album launch parties to celebrate ‘Try Explain That To A Four Year Old”. The launches have been designed to celebrate the album’s release, and have been promoted as parties rather than shows. El’ Jistos wants to get loose with the people who have supported him along the way, so expect a thriving atmosphere. Punters who head to the Blue Mountains party can keep their ticket from the night, and use it to gain free entry to the Sydney show, as a thank you for the support.
Sydney: Sat 17th October, Hustle & Flow Bar, Sydney, Doors 8pm for more info
Blue Mountains: Sat 24th October, Baroque Room, Katoomba, Doors at 7pm for more info
Sydney: Friday 6th November, The Valve bar, Sydney, Doors 8pm for more info

Streaming and 12″ vinyl available here: or on iTunes here: Support the growth of Hip Hop, and get down to a show, share this link with your friends or buy an album.