El’ Jistos & Illumes LP Available Online

El’ Jistos and Illumes ‘Try Explain That To A Four Year Old’ is now available to order online from the following stores.

Order your copy online from your favourite store and pledge your support for record stores, physical music, and independent music, or order direct from Catalyst Punk here:
Get something tangible, not just a digital file. LP comes with stickers, and interactive artwork! 

  • Sydney

– 567 King

– The Record Store (enquire here):

– Sounds Espresso


  • Melbourne

– Northside Records: (send email to)

– Wax Museum Records

– Union Heights:


  • Adelaide

– Clinic 116


  • Perth

– Safari’s Record Shack: (send message to)

– Mills Records[Ozzie%20Hip%20Hop]


  • Brisbane

– Rocking Horse Records


  1. Birdie

    2 years ago

    Stands back from the keyboard in amenamezt! Thanks!